Our value
stream expertise
breaks down silos

We maximize value creation for clients by gaining end-to-end visibility of multiple, interconnected value streams, talent, innovation, and performance.

A Decision of Consequence

Talent, innovation, and performance investment decisions are highly consequential because most businesses have limited resources. Our service delivery ecosystem and ROI guarantees match unmet client needs with an innovative approach designed to minimize the risk of such an investment decision.

We improve client experiences and provide a faster time to value by avoiding siloed purchasing and performance improvement decisions. Our leading-edge eight-stage value creation process provides business leaders a results-driven system.

Service Delivery Ecosystem

Stage 1 – Plan, Do, Check, Act

Should you even consider doing business with EISA? How we deliver our services provides insight to answer that very basic question. Our use of ISO’s Plan, Do, Check, Act process facilitates full transparency and guides our delivery of compliance and contingency planning, as well as superior client experiences. We are also second-party verified compliant with ISO 20700 management consulting guidelines.

Stage 2 – Go Digital or Stay Home

EISA is continually innovating and digitizing the delivery of services. Our digital advisory, coaching, and training platform provides clients with access to all project data in real-time. The platform’s innovation center delivers critical engagement and innovation insights that can help facilitate transformational culture change across an entire organization.

Stage 3 – Discovery

Our discovery process helps to identify, diagnose, and validate underlying organizational beliefs, assumptions, behaviors and habits that lead your company to fall short of performance goals. We begin the process using our online self-assessment tool. The subsequent custom report provides important insights into how an organization’s executives rate themselves in areas of customer centricity, innovation, talent, and performance.

Depending on the size of your company, we invest, at our cost, two to eight hours performing discovery work. This process provides us with the relevant information needed to develop a clear and concise vision for how you can achieve your stated goals. Information gathered is used to deliver our advisory presentation.

Stage 4 – Advisory Presentation

Our advisory presentation is two hours in length. All members of your leadership team involved in the decision to contract EISA should be in attendance. Our cross-functional team decision process significantly improves communications and eliminates potential confusion amongst decision-makers. Your organization’s investment of time from our initial engagement to a decision whether or not to contract our services is shorter, saving valuable executive time.

Stage 5 – Investment Decision

Every leader wants to make an informed decision when it comes to an investment of consequence. We recommend asking the following questions of a potential advisor, coach, or trainer delivering talent, innovation, or performance improvement services:

• If a service provider focuses on a single discipline ask: Why should I focus my attention on this area of my company and not on another     foundational discipline of my business?
• Why should I invest in your services instead of somewhere within my company?
• What is your compliance and risk mitigation strategy and how does it protect my investment?
• What contracting options are available?
• What performance guarantees are provided?
• What structured approach do you use to live up to your performance guarantees and measure ROI?

C-suite leaders should make all future-shaping and high-consequence decisions. Your decision process should include productive debate, while eliminating the negative impact of silos to achieve lasting improvements in both decision quality and speed. We provide help without expectation, especially when it applies to how business leaders make better investment decisions.

Stage 6 – Train

There is no one size fits all training. Each organization has its challenges and needs. What is consistent? New systems and processes require increasing targeted knowledge, skills, and talent capabilities. Something else consistent, the need for targeted training focused on maximizing value-creation and the ability to avoid value destruction activities preventing companies and employees from achieving their real potential.

Our training programs increase knowledge and best practices associated with talent-centric leadership, customer-centric innovation, and performance-centric thinking fundamentals. Winning teams learn, master, and constantly monitor their fundamentals of success.

Stage 7 – Transition

Changing beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes are the objectives of the transition phase. It’s about getting to the “submerged part of the iceberg” where shared beliefs, assumptions, or habits result in poor performance. Modifying existing behaviors and paradigms requires empowering new fundamentals. We do this through role-modeling and creating rapid and successful change consistent with your desired outcomes.

The transition phase ends when your C-suite can let go of beliefs that no longer serve the company. These are replaced new habits that drive consistently improved performance and bottom-line results.

Stage 8 – Transform

Creating and sustaining a high-performance culture begins and ends with your C-suite. In order to catalyze your transformation, the C-suite must own the narrative and champion a new company-wide transformation initiative. You need to be prepared to deal with anti-change agents. The good news: Most people embrace change once they see how it benefits them. Some won’t, no matter what. So what? Free up the careers of the anti-change agents for new career opportunities and move on. There is no time to waste.

EISA drives transformation by working backward from observed project outcomes and developing new behaviors and ways of thinking. We implement the process by incentivizing changes and executing a targeted and powerful communications strategy.

Keep in mind, transformation never ends. When pursued in the right manner, it’s a journey passionately shared by your entire organization.