Our holistic and customized client acquisition and retention
training program  
was developed specifically for your needs
as an independent consultant


The silo effect is a business and career killer. Client acquisition and retention doesn’t thrive in silos. Grow your consultancy by offering a single value stream that integrates marketing, sales, digital technology, and partner expertise. Our Client Acquisition and Retention Sales Academy (CARSA) can help you overcome the silo challenges that constrain most independent consultants.

Client acquisition and retention value stream

We believe that the eight stages in our model are actually a career mastery concept that can be effectively used to elevate the career success of any independent consultant or freelancer.

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Stage 1 – Your brand

Consciously create your personal brand and discover what steps you must take in order to be top of mind when your expertise is required. You are a brand and your brand is everything.

Stage 2 – Communications

Authentic communications makes the difference between success and failure. Discover your inner voice, communicate clearly who you are and what you offer, and motivate people to take action.

Stage 3 – Marketing

Sorry to share this bad news, but you are in the business of marketing – generating conversations with the right prospects (salesqualified leads). We will help you apply what works.

Stage 4 – Prospect discovery

Quality input leads to quality output. Learn how a structured prospect discovery process improves your contracting, project, and client retention success levels.

Stage 5 – Sales

Highly successful sales people are made, not born. Are you using science-based selling that makes the sales process all about the buyer and their needs? If not, join us to learn how to drive better engagement.

Stage 6 – Contracting

Independent consultants who fail to address contract managers’ compliance and contingency planning concerns, do so at their own peril. We know how to eliminate these barriers to winning contracts.

Stage 7 – Contract execution

Disruption is happening in the consulting industry. Use of a digital platform to complement your in-person consulting is quickly becoming mandatory. We have you covered.

Stage 8 – Career prosperity

You’ve successfully executed stages one through seven. However, you still have a little further to go to master the independent consulting craft. We help you to summit the peak of success.