We are working to support social cause leaders who are creating and delivering innovative solutions in support of women and children in need

Social enterprises are a solution for today’s time that need to be adopted around the world. Simply put, a social enterprise is a business seeking to maximize profits in order to effect positive change on a social issue(s). We simply call it: Business for Good!

How do we plan on helping social cause leaders and the stakeholders that they serve?

Transforming lives and businesses is our why. It is found at the intersection of the very best of who we want to be and what we see as our role in the world.

We are building diverse teams to drive and accelerate innovation. To succeed, we will seek out people who value diversity, different perspectives and ideas.

We will listen, advise, and help social cause and enterprise leaders build highly recognized and respected brands in their markets.

We will focus on building an alliance-enabling ecosystem that will help the process of developing partnerships between social cause leaders and entrepreneurs.

Transparency is more important than ever. Our communications will be open, clear, and honest through our social media channels to ensure there is no doubt about what we do.

Our Giving Model

Mamávida, As a social enterprise, we believe that we have a moral obligation to be fully transparent and accurate when it comes to our impact reporting. The following will be our guiding principles for transparency reporting:

  • All social outcomes will be backed by audited evidence.
  • All percentages will include absolute numbers.
  • All compensation paid to Mamávida team members, owners, and vendors will be reported.
  • All business revenues and disbursements will also be reported.

Mamávida’s accounting firm, Auditar, will produce all financial reports that are published on our website transparency page every 60-days, beginning July 3, 2023. Mamávida will engage a data analyst to develop an accurate audited depiction that provides evidence for the outcomes delivered by our social cause partner(s).

EISA is excited to announce our selection of Proyecto Florecer as our very first social enterprise partner.

Proyecto Florecer (Flourishing Project) is located in Medellin, Colombia, S.A. The founders are passionate leaders with a great vision, and represent the very best of what a social enterprise should be. Our team looks forward to doing everything we can to assist the Project Florecer team in achieving their goals.