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We improve bottom-line results for SME businesses by helping their leaders operate at the intersection of business and talent success.


Successful business transformation happens most often when it is talent-centric focused. Our three-phase business transformation program is designed to foster the right performance culture where organizational talent drives desired business results, develops new products and services, and creates a competitive marketplace advantage.


What is your company’s most valuable asset? It’s your organizational talent. In most cases, it is the only thing that separates you from your competitors.  When effective talent acquisition and retention strategies are used, all performance outcomes significantly improve.

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You can transform lives and businesses when improving outcomes follows an unwavering conviction to successful transformation by valuing leadership and talent. When you believe the best in people, you can break free from old paradigms that limit what is possible. In our rapidly changing world, the need for operating a business at the intersection of business and career success is more urgent that ever.

Only companies that have a structured and robust career development program, and utilize powerful stakeholder information systems – both attributed and anonymous, will thrive in the future.  

EISA is proud to announce the launch of its social enterprise, Mamávida.

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