Independent consulting mastery happens here

The Engagement, Innovation and Sustainability Alliance (EISA) is a new collective founded to empower the expertise of  like-minded independent consultants with complementary skill sets. We collaborate to solve real-world challenges in  human capital, innovation, efficiency, and risk management. EISA and its alliance partners focus on profits, people and the planet through performance improvement to drive client growth, greater profits, and individual engagement.


Our alliance members walk in your shoes everyday. We are independent consultants who continuously strive to master our craft. EISA members track the pulse of independent consulting to deliver greater value to all of us.

Sales Academy

If you are like most, your marketing and sales are not your strengths. Our Sales Academy gives you tools to drive better engagement.

EISA Performance

Steer your career and drive continuous improvement with our digital services platform. How you deliver your services matters.

Pride Hunting

Independence doesn’t have to mean being alone. Expand your consultancy’s skill set with EISA members to win more contracts.



Become an EISA alliance member

Membership is free and provides many benefits at no cost. You never pay unless you are using the platform to deliver services to one of your clients.


Take advantage of our services

It takes a little time to understand how to fully benefit from any new service or tool. Watch our videos and explore the platform to begin the process. Feel free to connect with one of our leaders to learn more.


Increase your client acquisition
success rate

Once you understand how to take advantage of our digital platform’s power, tailor your sales strategy in order to increase trust levels and overcome compliance and contingency planning issues.


Increase your revenues

There is no shortage of opportunities to increase your revenues when you expand service offerings beyond your typical scope of work. In fact, your clients would prefer not having to engage other consulting services.